Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Climate Change

Written By Junaid Sarmad (Grade 7)

Do you think Climate Change is real?

I don’t think this is even a question. Of course, Climate Change is real! Due to this, there are billions of people and animals who have lost their lives.

There are so many people standing up to help decrease climate change, like the young girl Greta Thunberg. She would not go to school on Fridays and protested to help stop Climate Change.

There are many things that can harm the environment that causes Climate Change. There used to be CFCs that were used in AC’s, fridges and many more home appliances. This gas was light so it rose to the sky and started harming the ozone layer. Though the government banned CFCs they are still up near the ozone layer.

Even the gasses from firecrackers harm the environment. Thankfully there have been fewer firecrackers this year than any other year. Climate Change has many effects like floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tornadoes, tsunamis, cyclones and many more.
One of the easiest ways of decreasing Climate Change is by cleaning the environment and decreasing the amount of pollution caused.

I hope we all understand the dangers of Climate Change and together, put a stop to it.

Featured Image Courtesy – NASA Climate Change