Friday, January 22, 2021

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Runaway Orphan

5 min read

Mrs Brub: Hey you! (looking at John) Dumb kid, get over here! (John started to shiver as he went closer)
John: Yes ma’am…
Mrs Brub: Why are you slouching?

Gone Forever

1 min read

Animals have existed way before us humans, some of us try to help these animals by taking them to forest reserve...

Climate Change

2 min read

Do you think Climate Change is real? I don’t think this is even a question. Of course, Climate Change is real! Due to...

The Great Auk and The Passenger Pigeon

Animals are on earth existed way before us humans, some people say we evolved from apes and others have...

What Freedom Means to Me?

Freedom is everywhere,

For it I can look anywhere,

Black or White

It was Michael Jackson’s iconic song, It’s Black, It’s White, that got me thinking about the Colour of One. Here...


Freedom is something spectacular.

You never know when or where you need it but it is very costly for some.

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Junaid Sarmad

Hey I’m Junaid, but you can call me J. I’m going to be 12, can’t wait for my birthday this November. I love reading books, playing football and online games too! I also like music and play the guitar. I’ve got a band, called Jamming Juniors (for now) and we are still to perform our first gig!

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