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Music : A Universal Language

Written by Aarav Anand (Grade 8)

What will a book without words be like?

Life without music is the same as a book without any words or descriptions. A true fact that Happiness is rare and music is everywhere! Thank you music for the therapy!

In ancient Greek philosophies, Musses were the goddesses who inspired art. The word ‘music’ was derived from the Greek word ‘mousike’ meaning ‘art of muses’. Music can be found anywhere, from the swinging of the trees during a wind to the humming of songs which makes you feel truly relaxed. From birds chirping to the blowing of dry leaves. “Music is the best therapy”, is it true?

The picture of the musical note inspires me because in a rapidly evolving world where we are so lost in the hustle bustle of our daily life where we forget to stop for a moment and thank nature which gives us that feeling to understand music. In a world full of noises, there is this painting which has a voice. A voice which is trying to say something. A voice which has a deep meaning. A voice which many can hear but a voice which cannot hear you. I feel that this painting is more than an art. It’s another world which makes us feel lost in it.

Every musical note has a meaning, whether you are singing or playing an instrument. All it matters is that you feel it. You should feel what abstract meaning a song has, what it stands for? Why did the writer choose to write it?

To be honest, music is not the best therapy but it’s the best medicine which can solve every problem!

Music is not just a song but it’s a language which can bring us together. It’s a language that we cannot describe with words. It’s a language of emotions and a reminder that everything in life is music. There are dark times where you feel that the burden of the world is being crushed down on your shoulders. It may feel like you are about to fall and the best thing to do is to listen to music. You are not just listening to a song, you are listening to a language touching your heart.

Something which I feel special about music is that it’s a power which can bring people together varying from different backgrounds or cultures. Music is a universal language which many can hear. I believe that music cannot be seen through eyes nor it cannot be judged but it can be felt through our heart. This painting of music tells us that despite all our differences, we have something in common. We all have an ability to understand each other without words, without actions. This is why nature created this beautiful art to teach us that even without words or actions, we have a universal language which is more than words. Which can bring us all together. It’s a blessing to have this talent. It’s a blessing if you can understand this talent. It’s a blessing if you can understand this language, this world.

To sum it up, in this world where words and actions may fail, comes a new language of music. A language which has a voice without words. A language which many may fail to understand. A language which even stands in the darkest moments, which stands with you even when you are alone. It tells us that even if we are about to quit, we must keep going because there is always that someone behind us who can understand our inner self through a language, the language of music.

Even in reality, music is something that is very unique. It connects us, it shows unity. Just like how it connects the sounds of different instruments which makes up a beautiful composition which often turns up exemplary. The same way it resembles humanity. It shows that different people coming from different backgrounds and cultures can come together just like these instruments and make the world a perfect and a better place to live and thrive on.

Music means a lot to me, and it’s not too late to understand that we don’t listen to music, it’s what we are in! But what truly inspires me is that it teaches us that we should stop for a moment and appreciate even the smallest and most little things in life. It’s not just about listening to songs but it’s about being in them. We all are together in this and we will be forever. As I see this painting, I feel that we should together stop for a moment and give nature at least a minute of our busy lives for this amazing gift, teaching us the importance of music, teaching us life. Teaching us how to live this life. Teaching us that we always have someone behind our back pushing us towards success, who understands us through a universal language of music where words and actions may seem to fail but that feeling and a deep meaning may seem to exist forever…

Featured Image Courtesy – Freepik


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