Sunday, July 21, 2024

My Favourite App and Why?

Written By Afsheen Fariya

In today’s world, it is very difficult to imagine ourselves without a mobile phone. On our phones, we have to have lots of our favourite apps. 

Being a student in this pandemic time, I rely on most of the educational apps for my studies. YouTube is one of my helpful apps through which I learn many things, this app is easy to use. Google helps me in many ways to learn English, Maths, Science, Kannada and many other things. By using WhatsApp I communicate with my teachers and my classmates, I send my doubt and other questions to my teachers and I get clarification for the same. In WhatsApp, I can send text, share photos, videos, locations and make video calls over the internet. It does not need any costs as long as you have a Wifi connection or mobile network. You can use WhatsApp by downloading the app on mobile or use it on the web as well. Facebook can expand my network, through Facebook by adding friends from different countries. I can see and upload photos, share stories, comment and chat with my friends even overseas. I can get the latest worldwide news through Facebook. 

Nowadays everyone uses mobile devices such as Andriod, iPhone, or Windows etc. Mobile app marketing is becoming very competitive.

Featured Image Courtesy – CNET


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