Monday, March 4, 2024


Written By Shaila Basia (Grade 10)

Parents are precious,
Not at all pretentious.
Loving us with everything,
Never leaving without their blessings.

Feeding food delicious,
Making our life ambitious.
Finding way to our progress,
Never failing to impress.

Definitely a genius they are.
Our last resort and best advisor.
They are our guide,
We are eternally by their side.

But alas!
Many are not as lucky as us.
They crave for a home,
 Where they can freely roam.

They wish for a mother,
And have dinner together.
They long for a father,
Who will protect them forever.

Be thankful to god,
For not making our life odd.
Be loving to the orphan,
And let love win!

Featured Image Courtesy – The Conversation



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