Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Our Rivalry

Written By Anika Punjabi (Grade 8)

We were the best of friends,
never one without the other
Like a pack of wolves,
always stuck together. 

Shared food at lunch, 
crayons at fourth period.
Wore the same clothes
and ate the same cereal.

I loved her like a sister,
took care of her like a mother.
It was time that let,
our friendship wither.  

I wonder what happened,
what tore us apart.
Perhaps it was our growing urge for power,
that left you digging in the dirt. 

You tried to push me in the fire,
in the oven, wishing I would burn. 
Though this broke my heart, 
it gave me the chance to learn. 

I learnt your ways,
and those of the world. 
You unknowingly taught me politics, 
and braveness inside me, uncurled. 

I hated you, 
and the ways you had changed. 
And on rainy nights,
I wished that the humane part of you remained.

Now I look back,
on five years of you and me.
And thank you, for throwing me undersea.
Otherwise how would I have learnt to be free?

It was our rivalry,
that pushed me to be better.
That made me pursue,
all my endeavours. 

It was when you let me go,
that I began to grow.
It was our fierce competition,
that fueled my ambition. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Strawberry Branding