Saturday, February 27, 2021

Articles By Anika Punjabi

Wedding Day

1.5 min read

I stood at the mirror and looked at the girl in front of me. Her smile was so bright, almost blinding. Her...

Our Rivalry

1 min read

We were the best of friends,
never one without the other
Like a pack of wolves...


1 min read

I was bold and beautiful,
was known to be faithful.
Would emit light everywhere I went...

A Simpleton

3.5 min read

‘I have nothing to do’ yelled my little sister as she ran into the room. It had been only thirty minutes since...


5.5 min read

‘Green’. That was the first thought that came to her head. Rita last remembered reading her bedtime book for...

South Korea – A Magical Place

3.5 min read

‘I choose to collect memories instead of things’ these were Naina’s favourite words. She had always wanted to travel. At...

About the Author

Anika Punjabi

Hi! I am Anika Punjabi. I was born on the 5th of November 2007. I enjoy writing stories that impel the reader to learn as they go. My aim for the future is to help people get stronger both physically and mentally. I really hope that my writing helps raise awareness.

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