Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Written By Arwa Rampurawala (Grade 8)

A rivalry is between people, when they are competing,
It often cause enmity but sometimes its healthy!

Rivals can be friends,
Rivals an be colleagues,
But remember not all are bad some can be friendly.

A good rivalry can create wonders,
It boosts performance and effort,
It pushes you to excel and motivates you to do well.

Let me give you some examples,
Famous they are,
Trump vs Biden
Coke vs pepsi
IOS vs Android
Ronaldo vs Messi

They compete for the role of president,
They compete for fame,
No matter what they compete,
To win is their aim.

Now let us all remember that not all rivalries are bad,
But they shouldn’t get to us and makes feel sad,
We learn a lot along the way,
And that’s all matters,
So don’t let it ruin your day!

Featured Image Courtesy – Troll Football

Arwa Rampurawala
Arwa Rampurawala
Hey, I'm Arwa a thirteen-year-old bibliophile, procrastinator and aspiring journalist. Passionate about writing short stories and poems which often express my moods and expressions. Found my Ikigai in dancing :)


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