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The Quest of the Gradient Gemstone – Ch 3

Written By Aahana Aryal (Grade 7)

Chapter 3 – The Supreme Warrior and The Sparkle of the Enchanted Gem

Chuck walked back home dumbfounded as he didn’t have faith in himself at all. He was a middle-classed orphan of around the age of 25 and was raised by his grandparents. His grandparents gave him all the love he deserved but couldn’t afford an adequate lifestyle for him. Alas, at the age of 15, both his grandparents passed away and left him with some money and a small house on a ranch at the edge of the town ‘Czackonbert’. The money which his grandparents left could not even give him two meals a day so he worked as a miner. 

He was okay with all these challenges he was facing but wanted to do something bigger in life. He participated in the competition as he thought of giving it a try. He was delighted to win the competition but deep down he knew that it was not gonna be that easy. 

He couldn’t sleep all night, all he could think about was Martil. Suddenly, his eyes widened up leaving a shocked expression on his face. He immediately stood up, snapped his finger and said “Martil!! Isn’t that the same town my grandma used to talk about when I was little?” He quickly, bang opened one of his drawers and picked out a locket which was of a blueish-purple colour. The gemstone had an unnatural sparkle and was smoother than a cat’s fur. 

“This is it! This is the locket my grandma gave me to take care of. I remember grandma telling me that this locket is the solution to all our problems of Martil” He said as the gem glinted as the moonlight shone on it. 

“What is this?” said Chuck while pulling a piece of paper that was sticking out of the backside of the locket. He opened up the pendant and read what was written on the paper.

“Although I’m not a diamond, I get put on a ring. When it is time to use me, a lock is opening.”

It was a riddle but he had no idea what it meant nor did he know why it was there. “How would an old gemstone be the solution to all our problems?” he thought while staring at the pendant. 

The next day, he woke up with a knock on his door. Tired Chuck came up to the door while rubbing his eyes and opened it. 

“You are called by our leader, The Mighty Willipher Varatina II, who wants us to bring you to the grand palace of Czackonbert to have a private conversation with you,” said a soldier in a deep voice.

“O-okay, I better freshen up then,” said Chuck in slight confusion.

“No, our leader has given us an order to bring you to the palace RIGHT AWAY”.

“So, I won’t even get to freshen up?”


Breaking the silence, one of the soldiers pulled Chuck and dragged him to a carriage. 

“Hey! Calm down” said Chuck in a loud voice.

They took Chuck to the palace.

When they reached, two of the soldiers unlatched the carriage door, and Chuck could hear trumpets playing behind the huge gate of the grand palace of Czackonbert to welcome him.

He got all excited and walked through the gigantic, amber coloured gates. They automatically opened and he could see a beautiful garden with fragrant flowers, statues of animals like elephants and horses and then his eyes caught a lovely sight which can never be forgotten, the sight of the grand Czackonbert palace. A palace made up of twenty-two karat gold and surrounded by two giant silver pillars on the side. He walked the pathway and saw the leader sitting on his throne with a half-smile on his face. He greeted Chuck.

“Good morning, warrior.” said the king.“I see you’re still in your pyjamas. You will soon be able to get back to bed.” 

“No, your majesty. I’m fine,” said Chuck embarrassedly.

“Okay then, guards *two claps* I want to talk privately with this young boy”.

Guards exited the room silently.

“Chuck my boy, I saw you in that competition and am delighted you got selected but sad to tell you, it will be impossible to win a war of Martil with a pale, skinny man who does not even know how to hold a sword.” said the king in disappointment.

“Who? Me? I promise you that I will become a great warrior at the end of this month,” said Chuck.

“End of this month? I think you will need some more time. But we cannot wait for too long now. Okay, I’ll give you one month’s time. I want you to successfully master being a warrior.” said the king in a deep, serious voice.

“Thank you, your majesty!” said Chuck.

He went back home, changed his pyjamas and started training immediately.  

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