Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Season of Change

Written By Aarushi Mahesh (Grade 8)

A world with endless possibilities,
A world neither separated by walls nor labels,
That nostalgic whiff lingering in the cities,
That year which would make for the greatest of fables,

We stepped out of our homes,
Fresh after hibernating,
Almost as if all of it was just a dream,
We basked in the sun for the first time in months, beaming and grinning,

The creatures greet us as we step out of our cages,
The cages that they were captured in,
We learnt from mistakes, as we resumed our lives,
Looking at things from different perspectives,

Spring approached us,
Budding and blooming were we,
Trying to adjust,
For none of this did we foresee,

Hid behind walls and insecurities,
Gazing longingly outside,
Finally understanding nature’s gravity,
It levelled us all, neither money nor popularity applied,

We pondered about it,
We read between the lines,
But the lines merged,
It changed us and also redefined,

It left us to dry,
Stranded yet in relief,
It glided like a bird in the air, only to disappear without a goodbye,
For yesterday is history but tomorrow is a mystery.

Featured Image Courtesy – Life Meets Theology

Winner of Concern India Competition 2020