Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Animals Found Glowing Under UV Light

1.5 min read

A group of Australian scientists have recently shed light on some native Australian marsupials and mammals shedding...

Lights Out

1 min read

The bright dots upon endless skies,
I look up; a world full of lies...

Does AI Deserve Human Rights?

8 min read

The philosophy of rights has always been directed at humans and animal welfare; Rights are constant...

The Season of Change

A world with endless possibilities,
A world neither separated by walls, nor labels,
That nostalgic whiff lingering in the cities...

Pooja Room

The gentle scent spilt into the kitchen,

Engulfing me as I enter...

Book Review – God’s Own Kitchen

This is not a normal book review. Rashmi Bansal’s book God’s Own Kitchen is an eye-opening read

Rain Lashes In Assam, Affecting Millions

Rain lashes in Assam resulting in overflowing of the Brahmaputra, Manas and other rivers causing heavy...

Security Law Passed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong a cultural, diverse city functioning on an agreed 1 country – 2 systems policy after being handed...

Is Lebanon Heading Towards Civil War?

Lebanon, a densely, packed country bordering Syria and Israel, has been facing a dispute for an extensively long period...


Sitting lifelessly, While watching them thrive, languishing ceaselessly, while they try to revive

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