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Wedding Day

Written By Anika Punjabi (Grade 8)

I stood at the mirror and looked at the girl in front of me. Her smile was so bright, almost blinding. Her dark eyes gleamed in the light. The slight blush in her cheeks let everyone know that she was extremely excited for today. This girl wore the world’s most gorgeous dress. It was a light cotton candy colour, bordered with lace. Her always messy black hair was in a high bun today. Though It had several pins in it, it looked amazing. She wore a white necklace with small matching earrings.  Everything about her was flawless. Especially the tiara on her head, that made her look like a princess.

She knew that today was a very special day for her. A day much awaited by everyone. The sound of squeals and laughter rose from the ground floor, making her silently giggle. Everything from the food to the colour of the tissues had been carefully picked out for this day. She had made sure that every detail was absolutely perfect. If anyone had looked closely in the eyes of the girl, they would have noticed how nervous she was. With a deep breath, I looked away from the mirror and made my way downstairs. It was finally time.

As I climbed down the stairs. I felt everyone look at me in awe. Unknowingly the blush in my cheeks turned to bright red. With a shy smile, I looked down and walked towards the lawn. My heart fluttered as I saw everyone smile at me, as I walked down the aisle. It was as if time had stopped. In a quick movement, I took my place. 

Suddenly everyone rose and I watched the bride walk down the same path I had. She wore a long flowing white dress with a stunning crown on her head. My sister truly looked like a queen! I felt tears cloud my vision as I watched her begin a new journey. 

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Anika Punjabi
Anika Punjabi
Hi! I am Anika Punjabi. I was born on the 5th of November 2007. I enjoy writing stories that impel the reader to learn as they go. My aim for the future is to help people get stronger both physically and mentally. I really hope that my writing helps raise awareness.


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