Sunday, June 4, 2023

Words of Wisdom From My Loving Grandmother

Written By Saisha Mehra (Grade 5)

This is a story of a small boy named Krishiv who is my sweet little brother, me and our loving grandmother. My little brother is my best friend because he loves to play with me and my grandmother is my inspiration because she has answers to all our problems.
One day Krishiv and I were playing with a dollhouse and kitchen set and at that time, a friend of mine came over and made fun of my little brother who was innocently talking and making dolls and teddy sleep. My friend made fun of him and laughed at him which made my little brother cry.

Another day, the same friend came home and again laughed seeing Krishiv in pink pants and made fun of him. I was so annoyed seeing him cry that I fought with her and asked her not to come to our house ever again. My grandmother who has witnessed both the incidents immediately called all of us and asked us a few questions.

Why is pink only a girl’s colour and why is blue only a boy’s colour? Why is a car not a toy to be played by girls and why is the kitchen/doll set (pretend play) only to be played by girls and not boys? We did not have an answer to the questions so she asked another simple question. In your school do you have different syllabus and books if you are a boy or a girl? To this, we all replied, “No”. She said the reason is, “We all are equal,” and explained to us, if boys and girls are equal, then everything should be the same.

No matter what, we should play with whichever toy we love and wear whatever colour we love. We should never make fun of each other’s choices. My friend and I said sorry to each other and hugged each other. Now we always play cricket, football, kitchen set and doll set together.

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