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The Statue of Liberty was gifted by France to the United States of America on Christmas in the year 1886.

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It's a tradition to decorate beautiful Christmas trees on Christmas the origin or the use of Christmas trees goes way back to ancient Egyptians and Romans. They used evergreen trees like fir or pine trees. Initially, instead of these glittery decorations that we see today, the Christmas trees were decorated with fruits and nuts instead.

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The 25th Day of December was chosen to mark Christ's birthday by the Roman Catholic Church years after his death. So yes, Christmas was originated in Rome.

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Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and the origin of the word Christ is the Greek word "Christos" which means anointed one.

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Among all the festivals in the world, Christmas is very popular and is celebrated by billions of people around the world it is estimated that every 9 out of 10 Americans celebrate Christmas.

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Not all Christians celebrate Christmas on the same day. In countries like Russia, Ukraine and Romania Christmas day falls on 7th of January.

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The literal meaning of the word Christmas is "Christ's Mass".

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