Sunday, July 21, 2024

World Cricket Championship 2

Written By Pramukh Tulupule (Grade 9)

World Cricket Championship-2 is my favourite app. I like it because it is a gaming app in which we can play cricket as we do in our real life. It has the best liquid flow graphics and also many settings and statistics. In this app, we can play any form of cricket from a 2-over match to a test series. Also, I got the names of the players who play for different countries all over the world. In this app, we can play cricket matches with our friends sitting at home.

There are online and offline rivals. We can select our favourite international team and play for that team. We can change our playing 11. We can get the desired colour of accessories, jerseys, helmets and caps or hats, spectacles, changes in jersey number, change their hairstyles, skin colours, eyes, bowling styles, change the role of players and change the captain also. It also suggests some tips while loading the game.

Additionally, the game allows us to play different batting shots around the ground. We can bowl special deliveries. There is also the break in the cricket match like timeouts, sessions, innings, and stumps or the end of the days. We can choose different stadiums and choose the conditions of the pitch. We can play day and night matches also. Sometimes it starts raining. The main asset of the game is coins. With coins, we can bid for the NPL tournaments. We get rewards for hitting sixes, gaining wickets and for many other things after each match.

Also, there is a practice mode where we can learn and practice different shots. We can also change the view of the camera while batting and change the commentatory language.

I usually used to play this game in the lockdown but, now at present, I use it not much often because of the online classes. I play it for a limited time.

Featured Image Courtesy – Microsoft


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