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On November 26th, 2008, India received an extremely nasty shock. 10 heavily armed terrorists besieged India’s...

Bitcoin – How does it work and why has it shot to the moon!

8 min read

Money is very confusing and has taken different forms as we have progressed in the future. Money is something...

Wonder Planet

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Our Wonder Planet is our Mother Earth,
But we should all know that she is hurt.
Scientists are looking for another choice...

The Space Between Us

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There is a void between us.
The sound can’t escape,
through the vacuum of your hate...

Are we alone?

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From Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space to Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon, humans have made countless...

The Black Hole Information Paradox

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The black hole information paradox is one of the most notable paradoxes in the history of physics. All of it...

AC/DC Defining Rock

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There are few bands in this world that can achieve rock music that isn’t noisy but isn’t slow at the...

Cats which have blue eyes for the duration of their lives are likely to be deaf.

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Elephants think people are cute, the same way people think puppies or kittens are cute.

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The total weight of all air on Earth is 11 quintillion pounds.

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