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7 Things I Would Like To Do After COVID-19…

Written By Yashita Somani (Grade 7)

Go out without a mask – Once lockdown is over I really want to roam freely like a bird without any hassle of wearing a mask. But, we will still have to wear masks for our own safety. I just want to take a deep breath of fresh air without a mask and for that, we need the lockdown to be completely over.

Malls & eating out – One thing I surely miss is going out to the malls. I miss shopping, I miss the aroma of the good food! I want to sit down at a good restaurant and enjoy the ambience, go to all the shops, just for some window shopping! I want to watch the movies and do so much more…can we please have our normal lives back?!

TRAVEL– I majorly miss travelling with my family which is like our annual vacation, “the bonding time”. Exploring new cities, their culture, food and the rest of the stuff.

Missing School  – In my opinion, online schooling is not that great as there are many things you need to keep in mind before attending these classes. I miss going to school, chatting with my friends, gobbling my mom’s delicious food during our lunch break, going to play, and meeting up after school. I remember the times the teacher used to scold us for making too much noise and in online school teachers ask us to talk, how ironic is that! Plus, we spend too much time on screen which isn’t good for our eyes!

Swimming – Swimming is my favourite hobby. I can swim day and night, but COVID-19 has absolutely ruined this. Even though it is the rainy season right now I still want to go for a swim but due to the restrictions I can’t.

Drives – I remember when I used to go late in the night with my family and friends for ice cream or walks. The shops are still open but you still don’t know if it’s 100% safe.

Go to my friend’s house – Whenever I was bored my friends used to come over to my house or I used to go to theirs. I miss going to their houses and the games and the fun I had as I get bored pretty often during the lockdown.

These are the few things I would like to do after COVID-19 ends, what are yours?

Featured Image Courtesy – The Telegraph

Yashita Somani
Yashita Somani
Hi! My Name is Yashita and I am 12 years old ...I love dancing, eating and was a big TikTok fan but sadly it's banned now :-)I love troubling my brother ..and my friends would describe me better as an easy-going person!!


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