Sunday, September 24, 2023

A Labourer’s Cry

Written By Navoneel Sen (Grade 10)

We might not be as rich as you

We might work hard, wait for our cue

We might lay low; you might bestow

The thrashing whip–but you don’t know,

We are the Atlas that bears the Earth

We are the ones who bring you mirth

We lend you joy, let you borrow

Hoping for a new day tomorrow

But you will never understand,

That due to us, you do stand

Instead, you whip us and do bribe,

 And curse upon our blessed tribe

But we might plunge a whetted knife

Into your breast, to end this strife

And then in front of a thousand eyes

Will end a sunset, and begin a new sunrise.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Statesman

Navoneel Sen
Navoneel Sen
Hi, this is Navoneel. I am an avid reader of novels and poetry, and I am also an amateur writer of short stories and poetry. My life is surrounded by books, and according to me, my books and my pens are my only friends and therefore I spent most of my time either reading books or writing poems and stories.



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