Friday, July 19, 2024

My Safe Space

Written By Anvita Srivastava (Grade 11)

As I feel the warmth of the sun fall on my face,
I open my eyes, and squint through the bright rays.
Gazing ahead at the beach,
I am calm, knowing all the stress, anxiety and deadlines are way out of reach.

Seeing the waves build and recede,
I know the sea beckons me, and so I heed.
Starting for the horizon that kisses the sun,
I can’t help but break into a run.

The wind wafting my face, the sand obeying my feet,
I take in the salty air, and hear the rush of my heart beat.
As the first of its wave touches me, caresses me,
I know I want more, more of the sea.

So I go in further, letting the water take its course,
Harmless to her current, push and force
Playing me easily, she tosses and turns me side to side,
And I do nothing but simply abide.

All of a sudden, she pulls me within her-
I go underneath and everything is a blur
My ears block and I hold my breath,
Though not for a second am I scared of death.

That moment of total numbness around me,
Makes me feel calm, at times even happy
The water carrying all my weight, I know she’s got my back,
I feel relieved and allow myself to cut some slack.

Those few seconds when I’m engulfed in water,
I have to admit I’ve never felt better
Swelling beneath her touch, her embrace,
I know I’m good, right there in my safe space.

Featured Image Courtesy – Unsplash


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