Wednesday, December 6, 2023

All for the fear of Boards!

Written By Shreya Bansal (Grade 9)

Lungs pant, hands go numb
Legs say,” Oh why?”
To that heaven of challenges
A youth wants to say, “Hi”

He wants to climb Mt. Everest
But a dream is all he affords
For he is forced to study, study, study
All for the fear of boards

They’re really not so terrible
Just be yourself and do it
When fear bubbles inside you
Just go ahead and shoo it

And dear parents, please don’t worry
For even if we fail
By finding something that we want to do
Through life, we will sail

Don’t think too much, my friends
It’s just another test
And parents, please believe in us
We will do our best

Featured Image Courtesy – DNA India

Shreya Bansal
Shreya Bansal
My name is Shreya Bansal and I love to write. I can write anything from a story to an article to a poem according to the need.


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