Saturday, December 2, 2023

Body Shaming

Written By Krishnav Jhunjhunwala (Grade 7)

Body shaming is a crime
It hurts many feelings,
A punishable sin,
It is just not allowed.

You are really thin,
You are really tall,
You are really fat,
These lines are offensive.

Body shaming is bad,
It is unacceptable,
No one likes it at all,
It is very awful.

You have quite a big foot,
You are really short,
You are really dark,
These are offensive crimes.

Featured Image Courtesy – Bowie Dispatch

Krishnav Jhunjhunwala
Krishnav Jhunjhunwala
I am an avid tennis and table tennis player and state champion in taekwondo. I love to read and write stories.


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