Monday, April 15, 2024


Written By Suhani Khemka (Grade 8)

Getting lost in the words,
Words of wisdom, 
Words of creativity, 
Words telling a tale. 

The key to wonderland, 
The door to a new world,
A world where dreams come true, 
A world with love and pain.

Every word has its meaning,
Every page has its story, 
Every chapter has its importance,
Every book has its history.

It’s like a lift from reality, 
A lift from all the sorrow and misery,
To a state of tranquillity,
Where imagination runs wild.

Featured Image Courtesy – WIRED

Suhani Khemka
Suhani Khemka
Hey from Kolkata! I am an animal lover filled with wanderlust. Food has a special place in my heart, eating and cooking both! I find comfort in reading, writing and expressing myself through poetry. You will often find me painting with music blasting in my ears.



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