Thursday, June 1, 2023

Boycott Leather

Written By Prisha Jain (Grade 6)

Leather is a clothing material
It comes from killing animals
It is used in many things
Everywhere, even among locals

We should boycott leather
As ways to produce it are cruel
Think of all the animals we kill
The danger we put the world in

Leather is used to make shoes
It is used to make bags
But we should boycott it
And start anew

Think of all those poor lives
They can’t even put up a fight
Mercilessly we kill them
That to for our own needs

I am the daughter of a forest ranger
And I firmly believe to boycott leather
As I have witnessed this scene
While I was roaming in the forest

Poachers were killing an animal
A scene I could never forget
Those gunshots and the animal crying for help
Still echo through my mind

A ghastly scene
A horrible crime
Just for the skin
It beats all crimes over time

The scarcity of animals
Looms like a shadow over the world
Covering the sunshine
Still just for animal skins we commit such big sins

Only together
Can we stop this loathsome crime
So let’s all join forces
And boycott this sin.

Featured Image Courtesy – MAHI Leather