Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Written By Bhavyaa Bihani (Grade 9)

Laughing and giggling through the day, jumping through the way
The years passed by so fast,
it was really a blast
Being a child was so much fun,
I want it to repeat from where it begun I want to cherish those memories, and treasure all my reveries
Till my head has hair,
and my body can breathe air.

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Bhavyaa Bihani
Bhavyaa Bihani
I currently study in GIIS Punggol smart campus SG in grade IGCSE 9. I am very passionate about writing, especially if it is poems. It is a way in which I can easily convey my feelings, thoughts and emotions in just mere words. I started to write poems ever since I was in 5th grade, I used to write them for fun, but I never realised when this activity turned into a hobby and slowly into an ambition.


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