Sunday, September 24, 2023

Christmas – Giving Without Getting

Written By Sumati Varma (Grade 9)

The little details were being left out,
We had forgotten what our life on earth was all about. 
The simple art of appreciation, 
Was soon forgotten due to the endless desires that were only possible in our imagination. 

As Christmas comes near, 
And the holiday cheer fills the atmosphere, 
These desires dominate themselves,
As we start pleading Santa and his elves.

Pleading for what we believe we earned, 
But the truth is we don’t and we still haven’t learnt. 
Learnt the art of giving and not taking 
Giving to the thousands of people who lay on the road, cold and shaking. 

This year has only made it worse, 
With the suffering and sorrow caused by the COVID-19 curse 
Tears of hunger and cries of pain 
And you think you are the ones who abstain? 

Featured Image Courtesy – Avera Health

Sumati Varma
Sumati Varma
Hi, I’m Sumati Varma and I’m a 14 year old ambivert. I have a soft spot when it comes to art, especially poetry and highly respect authors. My poetry usually comes from the darker, deeper aspect of life. My thought process and writings come from people who are suffering or are in pain but can’t find the words to express themselves. So I thought maybe I can do it for them.



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