Saturday, May 25, 2024

Compassion Tests This Pandemic

Written By Adeetya Jain (Grade 8)

Dropping water was hitting the ground

Stopping people’s cry was like

Chasing wild hounds

Endless cries were washing dishes

The mind was tied with anxious stitches

The whole world was praying

The only wise saying

“Leave these unprecedented times to the god’s hand”

Donate your mindless grief to the disposal land

Sour truth is ruthless

For many clueless

How will others survive

Just believe and try to revive to

The original state with all might

Compassion is the way

To reach other’s hearts

Live for others 

Earn for others

Yow will live peacefully

You will die heroically

Featured Image Courtesy – Forbes

Adeetya Jain
Adeetya Jain
I am Adeetya and I am 13 years old. I have a keen interest in political happenings around the world. I am also an avid reader. A keen blogger and love expressing my opinions. Here is a link to my blog.


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