Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Coronavirus – A Nightmare

Written By Vidyuth Skanda (Grade 6)

We get bored in the lockdown 

That’s why we have a breakdown 

Coronavirus is useless 

It makes us nauseous 

If nobody finds a vaccine for covid, it will be hard to get rid 

This virus is so bad that it makes me mad!

I couldn’t even hold my bat or even have a chat!

Drink milk to get calcium and also eat potassium 

Stay healthy, Stay fit so that you don’t get hit

It is a simple task to wear your mask 

I hope we find a solution soon 

As that will be the greatest boon!

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Vidyuth Skanda
Vidyuth Skanda
I am 11 years old and an avid reader and cricket fan. I enjoy playing football and the guitar as well. My favourite sportsmen are Messi and Virat Kohli. I am a doting brother and l love to travel with my family.


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