Monday, April 15, 2024

COVID-19 Will End

Written By Shreya Bansal (Grade 9)

Along with fun, it has its problems
For almost no one it’s a friend
But do not feel that all is lost
‘Cause COVID-19 will end

It will infect everyone once
So we just need to stay calm and defend
But do not feel that all is lost
‘Cause COVID-19 will end

This virus is strong, but we are stronger
You need to believe this, my friend
Keep fighting together and it will go away
This message to the world today I send

Learn from the doctors, the brave warriors
And don’t even think to pretend
That this virus is stronger than you
‘Cause COVID-19 will end

Some people like the lockdown, it teaches us so much
These people treat it as a friend
But for those who are suffering, never lose hope
‘Cause COVID-19 will end

Featured Image Courtesy – Live Science

Shreya Bansal
Shreya Bansal
My name is Shreya Bansal and I love to write. I can write anything from a story to an article to a poem according to the need.



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