Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Dear Bullies

Written By Dharini Karwa (Grade 9)

For the want of fun,
For the want of laughter,
For the want joy,
You did it, didn’t you?

Did you realize how the person was affected?
Did you realize how the person suffered?
Did you realize how the person broke down?
Well probably you didn’t, 
That is why you did it, am I right?

Even though the person didn’t react,
Even though the person was shattered, 
Even though the person was in a suicidal state,
Did that person do something to you?
Did they? No, they didn’t. 

You continued so that,
You could enjoy,
You could have fun,
But just think how the other person feels.

To all the bullies out there remember you’ve got no right to do this, and remember karma will hit back to you, so please think of your actions from the other person’s point of view too. Remember all your actions may have a huge impact on the other person. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Parents


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