Written By Utkarsh Chawra (Grade 10)

No matter what it can be, 
Always the one common thing we see.
“Forever” is an unknown lie,
That is the sole truth as the limit is truly the sky.

Life is what is known as a gift,
Throughout it, the sorrows we must lift.
Only solution to misery, as Buddha says, 
Is death and thus it prevails.

The deeds we do, 
Cease to matter, but not for you.
The only truth that sails,
Is that death prevails. 

No regrets, no sadness, no disappointment,
Exists at the end.
A new life will rise,
For all will restore and nothing will suffice. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Wallpaper Flare

I am Utkarsh Chawra, 15 years of age. I love philosophy, sociology, politics, and other things that inspire and provoke my thought process. I hope that my thoughts challenge the mindset of the modern world and inspire people to challenge their own thought processes.


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