Monday, December 4, 2023

Don’t Fear COVID

Written By Aarna Jhunjhunwala (Grade 4)

Don’t be sad,
Because COVID is not bad,
If you take care,
The virus will be rare,
Drink milk and eat eggs every day,
To keep the virus at bay.

Wash your hands time and again,
Eat green veggies to stay healthy and fine,
Bathe twice a day,
For the virus to be away.

Don’t fool around in the cold weather,
Rather stay home and help each other,
Be at home and sip some coffee,
While enjoying the sun setting in the sea.

Featured Image Courtesy – WebMD

Aarna Jhunjhunwala
Aarna Jhunjhunwala
I like to talk about realities of life, education, nature and living beings in form of poetry.


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  1. Amazing…
    Then kids like you write,
    Evening seems just right,
    Would love to read more from you,
    As your words are as innocent as the morning dew.


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