Friday, September 22, 2023


Written By Jiya Jain (Grade 9)

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams!
What are Dreams?
Something that you see in your sleep,
Or something you want to be in future.

Some try and try,
Until they succeed
But some don’t try,
And accept their defeat.

Few get opposed,
Few get taunted.
Some loose self-confidence,
And some get hated.

People who have courage,
Still fail. But
People who don’t have courage,
Still achieve their goals & dreams.

Featured Image Courtesy – Sadhguru


Beneath Judgements

1 min read

In the realm of shadows, where silence weeps,
A soul enchained, where pain runs deep,
A gentle spirit, shunned and cast aside...

The Darkened Blue

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Sometimes all you want to do
Is disappear,
But deep down...

In the Embrace of Time

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In the realm of time, where moments unfurl,
Lies a virtue profound, a precious pearl.
Patience, a companion, serene and wise,


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