Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Elegance of Satire

Written By Nayan Hazra (Grade 11)

In realms where satire gently weaves its tale,
A love unfolds, a passion without veil.
Beneath the moon’s soft, luminescent dance,
Two hearts entwined, a sweet, serenading trance.

In elegance adorned, your grace sublime,
A symphony of love, an endless rhyme.
Through satire’s lens, we find delight,
A laughter shared, a bond so infinite.

Your eyes, the stars that grace the night,
Reflect the warmth, an eternal light.
With every glance, a satire spun,
Yet in your arms, a love just begun.

Elegance, a cloak of silk you wear,
Each step a dance, a rhythm rare.
In nature’s embrace, our spirits twine,
An eloquent waltz, a love so fine.

So let our hearts, with satire’s art,
Paint a canvas of love, a work of heart.
In elegance, we find our sacred place,
A love that time can never efface.

Featured Image Courtesy – Danielle Bernock

Nayan Hazra
Nayan Hazra
A casual writer trying to find the answers to the questions which keep me awake



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  1. This is very good Nayan! You have natural talent. If you want to get even more poetic power out of the English language, try to pay a little more attention to metre – you should choose whether to have 4 or 5 beats per line, and once you’ve made the choice, keep it consistent through the whole poem. A regular beat is what makes the music, the magic of a poem.

    If you would like to read a beautiful and famous classic poem, which has a very similar message to yours, please search for “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, by John Keats. It is one of my absolute favourites, and surely among the best poems ever written.

    Your phrases are very beautiful. Keep writing!


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