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Written By Shreya Bansal (Grade 10)

F ight
E verything
A nd
R ise

There are shadows all around me,
Of doubt, fear, and dread.
Making me wonder, “should I really keep going,
Or should I just give up instead?”

Fears of a million kinds,
Feed on every doubt they can find,
Then grow in size, and form a fog,
The thickest one they can, in my mind.

But then I find a tiny light.
In the thickness of the fog, It’s shining bright.
It’s helping me see, so I hold on tight,
Not letting go in the darkness of the night.

The light shines brighter,
and the fog starts to clear,
The fear letting out scared cries,
While I feel a sort of power;
I smile to the darkness,
Fight everything and rise.

I fight with the light, with all my might,
For everything that matters, I fight.
To find my way out, to see past the fog,
To shred it into tatters, I fight.

The fears keep attacking, but so do I.
With the light by my side, I persevere,
Till the fears are scared out of their wits, and scatter,
Making the fog disappear.

Now I know what to do when the fears come back.
I find the light, severing all ties,
With the doubt and the pain, and with everything I have,
I Fight Everything And Rise.

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Shreya Bansal
Shreya Bansal
My name is Shreya Bansal and I love to write. I can write anything from a story to an article to a poem according to the need.


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