Written By Junaid Sarmad (Grade 7)

Freedom is something spectacular.

You never know when or where you need it but it is very costly for some.

Many slaves give their lives but freedom? No!

Why can’t everyone be free?

Why do we have to be so cruel?

Freedom is to do what you want for some; others have never experienced it.

For freedom you can’t just have wars, try finding another way, maybe love?

Featured Image Courtesy – Ethical Leader

Junaid Sarmad
Hey I’m Junaid, but you can call me J. I’m going to be 12, can’t wait for my birthday this November. I love reading books, playing football and online games too! I also like music and play the guitar. I’ve got a band, called Jamming Juniors (for now) and we are still to perform our first gig!


  1. Proud of you my boy! Keep writing. As long as your generation understands the importance of freedom, we know that the world is in good hands … God bless!


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