Written By Riddhima Gurnani (Grade 7)

I have amnesia,
My dog ate it,
It was too sunny,
It fell into a pit.

Used for picking up dog litter,
Flushed in the toilet,
It ran away,
While I was wearing my anklet.

It was not as important,
As completing my duo streak,
I was earning money,
It called me a freak,
hence, it was master less’d by me.

My homework grew wings,
and flew away,
perfect excuses for not showing my homework.
Which DO WORK!

Featured Image Courtesy – Study Breaks Magazine

Hi! My name is Riddhhima and I love to draft poems of all kinds. I have two dogs. I am an animal lover. My mother is a teacher, and my father works in an IT company. My brother is 4 years older than me and studies at the same school.



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