Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Humanity’s best friends – Animals

Written By Jiya Jain (Grade 9)

They can’t speak,
They can’t express,
They too have a life,
That we should let them live.

Animals are our
Best friend,
Who won’t leave us 
Till the end.

People hit them,
Leave them all alone,
But do they have the right?
’cause they are also,
Ones for the world.

They too are loyal,
Like our friend,
They do enjoy our company,
Until they trust us with them.

They don’t deserve,
To be treated like this,
They too have a life,
That they want to enjoy.

Listen up you all,
Let them free for a while,
Trust me they won’t
Let your faith fall,
Ever in your life time.

Stop killing animals,
For their body parts,
Conserve each & every organism,
From the smallest of insect,
To the biggest of mammal.

Featured Image Courtesy – IndiaTimes



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  1. Thanks for caring about the animals, Jiya. As you say, they don’t have a voice, so they can’t defend themselves against our violence. Only brave and noble souls like you can plead their cause to the ears of the unawakened. God bless your heart.


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