Sunday, May 26, 2024

Ink’s Respite

Written By Shraddha NS (Grade 10)

In paper’s realm, patience dwells serene,
Its fibers cradle tales yet unseen,
Inscribed whispers, secrets held tight,
A haven for thoughts, day or night.

Where souls falter, in haste or disdain,
Paper lingers, free from the strain,
It listens, unwavering and still,
As ink spills emotions, heart’s quill.

When tempers flare, and words depart,
Paper embraces, a balm for the heart,
With timeless grace, it does concede,
To each confession, all we need.

In pages bound, a solace found,
A refuge true, where dreams astound,
For though humanity may falter and fray,
Paper’s patience endures, come what may.

Featured Image Courtesy – Endpaper


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