Monday, April 15, 2024


Written By Prarthana Modi (Grade 9)

Met her by fluke
In a place
Not so common
Completely blown
By her stunning beauty

She tossed the fruit
From hand to hand
Taking a bite
Every now and then

Her red-gold hair
Shining in the sun
Her stormy grey eyes
Serious as steel
But sweet as a baby

Hiding behind them a grief
Kept well hidden
From those who seek
Yet I saw it with my
Eyes of a thief

Strong yet weak
Weak yet brave
Brave yet scared
Scared yet confident

My hunt was over
This was no trial
There was no place for error
I had found the perfect match

She seemed so cool
Yet so angry
But when she shackled me
And took me to her daddy
I knew I was doomed  

Featured Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Prarthana Modi
Prarthana Modi
I am your average 14 years old book nerd who loves reading and writing. My inspiration to start writing came from reading Uncle Rick Riordan's books. I mainly write poems and I have started writing just last year. I have an up and running website which you can visit here.



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