Written By Ankita Srinivasan (Grade 10)

Ever had your whole life flash,

An instant in front of you

Then gone for good, it won’t come back.

The cherished moments have bid adieu.

You wanted to savour it,

Instead the present is back.

No pause, no replay,

All that lingers is black.

A memory from the past comes,

Bright, happy and full of life.

A tinkling laugh lingers in your ear,

A laugh that pushes away all strife. 

Your heart fills with emotion,

Memories of a few happy occasions are bright.

But the others, you have no idea,

Twinkling moments tantalisingly out of sight.

Featured Image Courtesy – Global News

Hey! I am Ankita Srinivasan. I live in Chennai, India, and I am an avid reader and love writing. I spend most of my free time with my story books and consider them to be my best friends. I love exploring, debating, acting and playing any sport that involves going out and playing.



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