Tuesday, March 5, 2024

More Love

Written By Shreya Bansal (Grade 10)

I put my guard up,
Look around, and see,
People, so diverse,
And so different from me.

Someone is angry,
and someone is sad;
No one looks at me,
Which makes me feel bad.

But I have my guard up,
So I ignore that, and think,
Of the reason they would do that,
Of why they smoke and drink.

I realize that everyone,
has their own doubts and fears,
Their own insecurities, and their own scared tears.

I try to find out why,
and I almost want to cry,
When I realize that nobody,
Really wants to try,

To hope for love,
And a better next day;
They think that only
bad things can come their way.

I wonder what would happen if I started a tradition,
Of hugs, love, and friendship,
And went on a mission,

To spread this tradition,
Throughout the world.
Could this bizarre possibility,
Really be unfurled?

With more of such stuff,
People wouldn’t be so scared.
They would look around for once,
And show people that they cared.

The world would be colorful again,
And people would see,
The world full of wonder,
As it appears to me.

With just a little more love,
The world would be better,
And I decide at this moment,
That I will be the trendsetter.

So I put my guard down,
Look around, and see,
People, who might not be,
So different from me.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Conversation

Shreya Bansal
Shreya Bansal
My name is Shreya Bansal and I love to write. I can write anything from a story to an article to a poem according to the need.


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