Saturday, March 2, 2024

Nature, our messiah

Written By Maya Ameen (Grade 7)

Roses and butterflies are always busy
With a trade deal like the merchants,
“Just pull out the nectar butterfly, and don’t get fussy,
And feed the pollen to my cousin between urchins.”

“Guavas, my favourite!” exclaims the squirrel,
And finished the fruit in a gulp,
“What is behind me?” asked him in a demurral,
“Hey it’s a seed, not the leftover pulp!”

“Yikes, there are ticks on your skin, zebra”,
And the oxpecker finished them in a hurry,
The lion plans to kill him with a crafty idea,
“Run! There is no time to worry.”

Deep in the oceans, clownfishes pay rent to
An anemone for a house
“Give me a large tuna in blue,
Then you can enter your home in crouse.”

Joey, the rabbit speaks to the tiger,
In a meeting of the animals including the King,
“To have friends is a good desire,
Even if they don’t have the ring.”

Here I wish to disclose the best kept secret of all times – “Nature, our best messenger!”.

Nature predicts, informs, alerts and helps all life forms to enjoy a great ecological balance in the form of “co-existence”. 

Through this virtue of co-existence, living beings from various habitats like aerial, arboreal, terrestrial and aquatic try to enter into a symbiotic relationship benefitting both sides, the giver and the taker.

We realise that making friends with nature will only be our best bet to survive on this planet.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Nature Conservancy


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