Monday, June 24, 2024

Season of Colours

Written By Namitha KS

Oh, the spring season, it brings such delight,
With warmth and sunshine, the world takes flight,
The flowers bloom, their colours so bright,
As nature awakens from her winter’s sleep.

The trees regain their vibrant hue,
Their branches stretch their limbs anew,
The birds return, their songs so sweet,
As spring’s magic cannot be beat.

The breeze carries scents of blooming flowers,
As the world awakens from its winter’s power,
The snow melts away, the days grow long,
As spring’s beauty is sung.

The bees buzz, the butterflies flit,
As the season brings new life to it,
The world is alive, it’s a sight to see,
In the spring, all things are set free.

Featured Image Courtesy – Unsplash


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