Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Social Anxiety

Written By Sumati Varma (Grade 9)

A million thoughts running through my mind,
Don’t know what I’m truly trying to find.
Feeling suffocated by affection,
Yet alone, having lost all connection

I’ve reached a point, where I want to but can not,
A point where I want to feel free, without a single thought.
I want to laugh, I want to learn and all I want is to be me,
But how can I? When these thoughts won’t let my mind and I be free?
How can I? When my conscience just won’t agree.

“Don’t say that, they’ll judge you,
How disgraceful do you think you look from their view?”
Because of these thoughts, I can never even speak when due.

Others tell me don’t be shy,
It’s not that difficult just to say a simple hi,
But my mind says “what if saying only a word sounds dry”?
So all I can do is simply sigh and say that I will try.

However even if I try my best, I cannot win this war,
Because even my loudest scream will never be louder than my thoughts that roar

Featured Image Courtesy – Best Psychiatrist in Jaipur