Sunday, May 26, 2024


Written By Soham Rajput (Grade 12)

Sometimes, you have to lose all things you like
The things you loved now left behind
Sometimes, time doesn’t favour you
Sometimes, things aren’t in your hands

Sometimes, it’s better to give up
Sometimes, you have to wait and watch,
watch and cry, cry and fight, fight and win
but sometimes you fight and fight and you lose

Sometimes, you need the love which you don’t get
Sometimes, you have to heal on your own self
Sometimes, you have to stay strong
Strong because you have to go long

Sometimes, I prefer to stop, stop to check
Whether I am in the right place, on the right path
Sometimes, I prefer to quit, quit to start the race once again
But sometimes, I feel that I come a long way to start once again.

Quitting, at times, marks a new beginning,
A chance to reset, to keep the spirit winning.
Yet, sometimes, the road seems endless and vast,
A journey that feels too far to recast.

Featured Image Courtesy – Boulevard Lab


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