Sunday, May 26, 2024

Story of a Blackhole

Written By M C Yashaswini (Grade 10)

At first, I was a gigantic star
Children used to see me with delight
I tried to outstand other stars
I pushed myself to create more atoms with all my might

At last, I reached my goal
I was one of the most luminous
I was elated, but one day
Atoms started building up, I had no control
I burst up within minutes

Gravity’s force built up in me
Light was no longer a part of me
I became bright to dark
Now I have started to embark

Hunger was crawling up on me
I started engulfing other heavenly entity
Matter in me started building up in me
Escape from me was impossible for anybody

My speed is peerless
I am unstoppable
All planets bow down to me
Now, am a huge black hole in the middle of millions

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