Saturday, May 25, 2024

Summer of Study

Written By Nischal Srinivasan (Grade 12)

Beneath the searing summer sun,
My friends and I studied one by one,
Gripping our pens with razor-sharp minds,
Working tirelessly towards our goals aligned.

Our aim was high, our willpower stronger,
We knew that success would take a little longer,
But our sweat and toil would not be in vain,
As we laboured relentlessly, every gain.

With each page turned, we delved deeper,
Studying together, never losing a wink of sleep,
We conquered the grind with each other’s help,
Leaving no stone unturned, no task left for kelp.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months,
But our fiery passion never stuttered, not even once,
For success was our goal, hard work our game,
We persisted, determined to make our names.

As we studied with laser-sharp intensity,
Our minds grew sharper with unparalleled clarity,
And we knew that when the time arrived,
We’d be ready to face the exam and thrive.

With every beat of our hearts, we swore,
To give it our all, to leave nothing on the floor,
For we were the ones who would ascend,
To the summit of success, our dreams blend.

Featured Image Courtesy – La Trobe University

Nischal Srinivasan
Nischal Srinivasan
My name is Nischal Srinivasan and I have a great interest in writing poems and articles. I have also published a poem named Resonating Reflections in Amazon Kindle.


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