Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Darkened Blue

Written By Sahanaa Reddy (Grade 10)

Sometimes all you want to do

Is disappear,

But deep down,

You just want to be found.

All that others can see is a,

Face playing dumb

But what they do not see is those

Million thoughts playing numb making you numb.

Everyone sees your joy in

Making others laugh

But what they do not see is

All of those stings in your heart.

Everyone sees you lending a shoulder,

Even when you keep getting hit by boulders.

Silently battling and bottling

Is all that you know.

Not sorrow but smiles,

Is all that you show.

When your mouth wants to blabber

To millions of souls,

But the words are beheld,

By those scars that you do not show.

Featured Image Courtesy – Simply Psychology


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