Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Invisible Hands

Written By Pratyusha Chaturvedi (Grade 11)

The garbage collector rings the bell,

I open the door and do not register well,

The fact that he is a human like me,

And yet his life is so bitter to see.

At school, I spill some water on the ground

And then we look for the helper to clean around,

To mop the floor for us,

Even when it was me who created the ruckus

The bus driver waits at the stop everyday,

While I take all the time to get ready my way

And then I catch the bus without a ‘Thank you’,

Displaying my ungrateful ness so true.

The watchman guards my home,

But whenever we meet him, we speak in rude tone.

Never ever thinking once,

He needs a word of appreciation, hence.

That’s exactly how most of us act,

To the invisible hands that help us keep intact.

The work force behind us all,

Without home we may fall.

Let’s atop every once or twice,

And say a ‘Thank You’, that will make them feel nice.

Sometimes we must pause,

And them give them an applause.

Featured Image Courtesy – Econlife



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