Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Lonely Girl Between Water and Trees

Written By Kush Manek (Grade 7)

There I see her, enjoying freedom,
Far in an island, away from the kingdom.
Disappointed by home and society 
For a year she had lived in poverty,

Shadows and darkness surrounded her,
In loneliness she lived, for a year.
No friends no phone no laptop
Only a tree for hug and talk?

Famines starved her body
Disasters happened unceasingly.
Cursed she was, in the lonely world,
Life was between the seas and trees

A life full of sorrow took a year to change,
Sadness to happiness, loneliness to excitement,
A rain smashed, famines had to bid their farewell,
One tree for hug had now changed to a family. 

Covered in red,
Her reflection everywhere
Soaring high in the cool breeze,
She now was enjoying her new home

Featured Image Courtesy – We Heart It